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Product Questions

1.What is ExamPDF Q&A detail ?
ExamPDF Q&A contains simulated exam questions with the most accurate answers. With our Q&A you should be able to pass the certification exam at your first attempt. More information can be found on our products page.
2.Can I pass an exam with ExamPDF Q&A only ?
Yes, it is possible.
3.Are your updates free ?
Free updates are available for one year after the purchase. After one year the product is considered expired and is removed from the member zone of the user.
4.Is it possible to extend the update period of an expired product ?
Expired products can be repurchased at 50% discount from within your member zone.
5.How often are your products updated ?
Our products are reviewed and updated on a continuous basis. The certification vendors often change the skills being tested in the exams, so we frequently change our study guides to accurately reflect the current exams.
6.How do I know that there has been an update ?

There are several ways:
The New Releases section on You will notice the rapid updates here. ExamPDF makes several updates every day.
Status on a purchased product can be found on the download page in the member zone.
Date of latest release can also be found on the products page.
ExamPDF also sends out information on updates on a regular basis in ExamPDF newsletter, usually once every two weeks. Registered ExamPDF users receive the Newsletter.
In general, you should always check for a new update 3-4 days before you plan to take the exam.

7.Your products sound interesting, but I'd like to try before I buy. Do you have any demos ?
Yes we have. On our samples page you will find examples of our Practice exams. There are samples of some exams from all the certificates we cover. Further requests for samples can be provided. Please, e-mail sales(at) and state which sample you would like to receive.
8.I want a sample of another ExamPDF product. Is this possible ?
Yes, we can provide samples of all our products. Just mail your sample request to sales(at) and you will reveive any sample you want promptly.
9.What is the quality of the ExamPDF products ?
Our goal is to have at least 95% exam coverage and at least 95% accuracy.
10.How is the quality of the ExamPDF products achieved ?
ExamPDF experts, íncluding MCSEs, MCDBAs, MCTs, CCNPs, CCIEs, etc. verify the answers and provide explanations. Especially provide explanations increases the accuracy of the answers.
We also receive customer feedback on our products. So, we constantly have to review our products. This guarantees a high quality.
11.I think I have found an incorrect answer in one of your products/I don’t understand one of questions/One of the questions seems incorrect. What should I do ?
questions/One of the questions seems incorrect. What should I do?
Feedback on specific questions should be send to sales(at) You should state
1. Exam code and version.
2. Question number.
3. Login ID.
We will answer your feedback promptly.

Purchase Questions

1.How do I pay for the products ?
There are currently four ways to pay. Most customers use online payment with credit card. If no credit card is available, Bank Wire or Western Union Money Transfer can also be used.
Paypal. You can use the and register an account on that website.
Bank wire. We only accept bank wire for larger purchases, typically at least 5 products. There will be some delay, typically between 3 and 8 days for the bank wire to come through. If you are interested in bank wire payment, please contact support(at) for further instructions.
Western Union. We accept Western Union Money Transfer for any purchase. The payment is very quick, typically within 5 minutes. You will have the products available within some hours after the money transfer.
Use the site to locate a office close to you (Find Agent Location).
If you are interested in Western Union payment, please contact support(at) for further instructions.
2.Do you share your customer information database with any third parties ?
At ExamPDF we hate spam mail as much as everyone else, and we respect your right to privacy. Therefore we will never share any information about our customers with a third-party. The email you receive is only come from us, and you can inform us at anytime if you want to be removed from our mail list.
3.How do I make an online purchase ?
Select the appropriate products from the ExamPDF products page. Add them to your shopping cart. Select Purchase Items.
If this is the first purchase at ExamPDF and you are not a registered user, you will be register yourself at ExamPDF.
After the purchase the products can be accessed from your Member Zone.
If you want more detailed instructions mail sales(at)
4.I am not able to add products to my Shopping Cart. What is wrong ?
Ensure that your cookies are enabled. To be able to make online purchases at ExamPDF cookies must be enabled..
5.How are the goods delivered ?
All purchases are downloaded from the internet or by e-mail. You will have access to your purchases 24 hours after we receive your money.
6.How do I return the products I have purchased ?
As all products are delivered in digital format it is not necessary to return the goods.
7.How do I ask for a refund ?
Contact sales(at)
8.How do I cancel a purchase ?
Contact sales(at)
9.How long does it take for you to respond to my emails ?
In our working time, we will send the exam to you in 10 minutes. In our non-working time, we will send the exam to you ASAP, no later than 12 hours.Our working time is:GMT+8: Monday- Saturday 8:00-18:00 ,GMT: Monday- Saturday 0:00-10:00.
10.What is certification ?

The certification is your way to success. People with work experience have no way to prove that they have learned certain skills. So vendors test the the person's skills and upon passing a required test, they are awarded certain credentials. Here are just a few.

MCSE : Microsoft Certified System Engineer
MCSA : Microsoft Certified System Administrator
MCAD: Microsoft Certified Application Developer
MCSD: Micoisoft Certified Solution Developer
MCDBA : Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
CCNA : Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCNP : Cisco Certified Network Professional
A+: CompTIA Service Technician
CIW ASSOCIATE : Certified Internet Webmaster Associate